Monday, June 13, 2011

1. Perfect Timing

Hello lovelies, here is my first outfit of the challenge. Simple but i like it.

I took up this challenge to work with the best pieces I have (I have other good pieces but these are the summery work appropriate pieces) , I also want to learn to accessorize better and on the side, it will also help me save some $$ and shop smarter and answer the question - "What the heck is my style?" bec I am not sure.

I also look forward to breaking some rules (rules are made to be broken - right? Hopefully no police offcers are reading my post! If you are a police officer and are reading this - I am only kidding. I am only talking about fashion rules - like wearing black and brown together!

This past weekend was non- existent for me. Why you ask? Well we are getting our house built and now it is ready to move into in about a month. So we spent all weekend cleaning our current house which meant I have started packing all my non-30X30 items! Thats why this challenge comes as a perfect timing so hopefully "Out of sight, out of mind" rule will help me out

I will be posting everyday (M -F) around this time (take pics after work and post in the evening) if you are wondering when i will be posting. Also I got so much inspiration from all of you from reading your comments on my 30X30 picks- so thank you for taking the time to comment and follow along! I truely appreciate it! :)

P.S. Me and a co-worker showed up in matching outfits today. Yeah we have pretty like-minded people in our office :) How cool is that??

What are you trying to learn from this challenge and what have you learned if you have participated before? Would love to know!

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