Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tippy Tuesdays #7 - Ways to wear Coral outfits for Spring/Summer

coral outfit#1

Coral oufit #2

coral outfit #3
Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! I had a bit of trouble posting this post today (sorry for the overload).

Anywhoooooo, onto more exciting things.. I got inspired to do a post like this because one of my fav bloggers Lady M does these posts and I love them! So here we go: Since spring is just around the corner, I thought I could do this post about coral colors and they are everywhere this season..love love!

I think I could rock all 3 of them! lol LOOK at my overpowering confidence.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you for stoppping by. Hope you have an AMAZING day!  :)

Love, Nav

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bollywood Inspired outfit for a change!

This is one of my all-time fav outfit. Its so light-weight and such girly colors - white and pink

 A more close-up look

Silly Face

No Indian outfit is complete without some bangles - Forever 21

Pink Earrings - Ardene

 I wore this when we went for tonight family friends party. I am not sure if you see how we party, we eat, we drink, dress up, laugh lots and DANCE! DANCE for a really long time (for some past party dance photos, you can check it out here and here) and then eat Pizza! haha Good times! Hope you enjoyed my east-indian outfit posts!

Love, Nav

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue shirt and Floral flats

 Can you see snow almost gone in the background? (Yay!) it means outside pictures and weather is beautiful here in Edmonton, Alberta. So I ventured out with my camera while my dad wondered why I had gone to the backyard with the camera. I am sure he saw me posing. haha

I had my LASIK consulting session with my Optometrist today and he told me I am a candidate for the surgery. The only thing is cost $1500/eye. I am not sure if I need it so bad, maybe when I start getting benefits from my company, I will consider it. I kind of want to get it done before the wedding next year so I dont have to fuss with contacts all day long and have blood-shot, dry eyes all day and I dont want to wear my glasses either. I dont know what to do. Anywhoo, when I was done with my appointment (It was in the londonderry mall) - it was too hard to just leave the mall without checking out some stores.

I had seen Jenna (fellow Edmonton bloggie!) below or you can check her blog here where she did a post wearing these flats and I had liked them alot. But bec my feet are huge and I am size 10 and I looked and looked and couldnt find my size anywhere.  Well today I walk in the store and I saw size 10! I bought 2 different pairs for $20. How can you not get them for $10? I love Ardene's!

                                 Photo image from Smitten blog (linked above)

Shirt Tunic: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: GAP
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21

I am in love with these floral "bow" pins. They are from Ardene's as well.

Love this chunky necklace - Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! My Fiancee is done grad school tomo (done.finished.) so I look forward to hang out with him much more now. I feel like I havent seen him in a while (Well with the exception of seeing him on UofA campus for 15 minutes after work) because grad school is hard and requires unlimited hours away from girlfriend and more time with books. But that will change real soon. and then he has to do this long-term research project and write 50 page long paper called THESIS. I dont know how that kid puts unlimited hours towards school. But atleast he is done with classes. =]

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment on your thoughts and feedbcak. I love reading them! xo


Friday, April 22, 2011

•All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! - Lucy Van Pelt

Thrift Outfit - $16

We had Chocolate Fondue with fruit (yumm!!). Dianne is busy melting chocolate above

Easter themed muffins, Donuts, Homemade cinnamon buns, Angel food cake

Floral Printed shirt and George Nude wedges

Yes, that is right, I will be having lots of chocolate this weeekend!! :) Happy EaStEr!

In case you missed last episode of Tippy tuesdays (you can find it here). I talked about budgeting tool to keep track of our everyday finances. For those of you who read it, did you like the idea? i need feedback!

We had Easter themed party at work and OMG! I skipped lunch bec I got myself filled with such wonderful goodies instead.

I am loving the long weekend - FRI-SAT-sUN-moN OFF!!!!!!!! yeehaw! =)

I might be going thrift shopping soon..I am on a hunt for a maxi dress, maxi skirt and maybe a pleated skirt.

Ryan (my fiancee and I) are also thinking of going ring shopping this weekend or maybe next weekend. For those who dont know, we are getting married in Feb 2012 in India. After much thought, I have decided to go not with a diamond ring but with Sapphire (as it is my birth stone and Sept has been lucky for me as Ryan and I started dating in Sept) Does that make me weird that I don't want Diamond. I want my wedding ring to have some personal value to it (whether it would be diamond or sapphire) and plus Sapphire is Gorgeous.

So this is my first thirfty outfit, Let me explain. The floral shirt is 3.99$ and pants $7.00 and grey shirt is $5.00 so total outfit cost is $16. Not bad eh? Oh but nude wedges are by George from Wal-mart - $20 (I love them!) and they are comfy too.

What did you think of my first thrift outfit?

Hope you will have a relaxing fun-filled weekend with family or friends - however you choose to spend it! xoxo


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lets Keep track of our Money (TIPPY TUESDAY #6)

DateItemPriceNeedWant (Shopping)Gift
Jan 4thWal-Mart (Basic Necessities)$17.19  $       5.00  $                 12.19
Jan 5thH & M - jacket$77.00  $                 77.00
Jan 4thSuperstore - Grocery$58.00  $    58.00
Jan 6thBus Pass$86.00  $     86.00
Jan 6thWal-Mart (Grocery)$22.97
Jan 6thDollarama$7.42  $                  7.42
Jan 7thCar Gas$44.00  $     44.00
Jan 23rdShopping $82.00  $                 82.00
Jan 26thN. Birthday Gift$44.00  $     44.00
TOTAL$438.58  $193.00  $            178.61  $  44.00

Happy Wednesday everyone! It means Tippy Tuesday (a day late -sorry!) and Today I am sharing with you a tool I developed in Excel a while ago to keep track of my spending (a.k.a. Financial Tip).

If you have made it reading this far, great job! Because I know many people who hear budget and they run as far and as fast as possible.

At first I started just a simple tracking sheet - where and on what have I spent my money but over the years I have been wanting to tracking where does most of my money go. So I decided to track some %'s how much is need, want, gift for others. Like in the above chart, I know that through all my spending, I have spent 44% on need, 41% on want (ususally called shopping), and 10% on gift for others. I can see month to month where I tend to spent most and where I could possibly cut back.

Above is a real snapshot of how much money I had spent in Jan 2011 as a sample. If you know how to work with excel, it is really easy to make and go ahead with tracking your spending.

Caution: It was a little inconvenient at first trying to track everything on where I spent my money. Some days I did not want to do it. But then I felt like I had no control of my finances. Then doing this exercise might make you feel guilty on how much we consume. Thats why I put the sheet into percentages so we only target one category at one time. Sometimes, instead of keeping tabs everyday, I sit on the weekend and take out all my receipts and started tallying. or if you are a keener like me, what I do is input what I purchased as soon as I get home after my trips.  It has led me to make more mindful decisions about when and where I spent my money.

Let me give you how this tool has benefited me:

During my first year of school, I used to buy breakfast everyday (thats 7$ everyday - over a month that is $210 and over a year it is about $ 2500). Crazy right? and I didnt even realize or even feel guilty when purchasing breakfast because in my mind I had justified it as a need so it was ok to spend that money. Well guess what I started getting up half an hour early everyday to have breakfast and save $2500. I still do go out sometimes to grab breakfast still but as a treat, not necessity.

We all want to acheive many goals in our life and many of us have dreams such as saving for a down payment for my future house, family vacations, wedding, funds for a rainy day, saving money for some major projects in life - I have made many tools like this one, if you are interested, leave me a note below and I would love to share more tools like getting the most out of our income, acheiving financial goals with a financial plan.

As a side note, I am a fanatic when it comes to financial planning. I love to read, write about the tools I have learned over the years. But I am no expert! I am only sharing what I know, what I have learned and decided to pass it on my readers!

If you are interested e-mail me at: ngaraha@ualberta.ca and I can send you the template by e-mail. I hope you enjoyed this Tippy Tuesday episode. Please leave me comments below to give me feedback. I love to read comments, feedbcak and questions. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! =)

Stay Tuned for a very special Financial Planning book review I will be doing soon!!!

How do you track your spending?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's called Spring Fever

Top: Ricki's
Pants: GAP
Cardigan: Ricki's
Ring: Forever 21
Watch: AVON
Earrings: Suzy Shier

Yeah I have spring fever and because of that, I am in a good mood and full of energy! How was your Tuesday?? Hope life is treating you well. Its a short week for us because Friday is good friday and bec I work for Municipal govt, I got Monday off in lieu. =] I am a HAPPY KID to get 4 days off. I am stying in town for Easter. I might paint an egg or two this weekend. What are you doing for Easter?

I got this cardi for only $15 - Oh it feels so great to find good quality clothing for so cheap and its corally pink. You just cant go wrong!. I am sucker for sales and even bigger sucker for having lots of colors in my closet (rainbow closet I call it). I love wearing colors EVERYDAY regardless of the season. I feel like I celebrate life more when I wear colors. Do you feel that way?

I went for Zumba tonight! Love love love dancing! =)

Take care my lovelies,  Hope you are loving the spring fever too! xo


Monday, April 18, 2011

I am Back!

Yes, I havent done outfit posts in a while bec I wasnt well. I am well now. (yay!) and Thank you to all those ppl who e-mailed to say " feel better" and "Hope you will be back to do outfit posts soon". It makes me REALLY HAPPY. All the snow (well most of it) is melted away now!!! for atleast couple of months now (Us Edmontonians know what we go through).

I got dressed today for work (Happy Mondays) and decided to take few picstures of myself. Expect much more outfits now because I am in such of feel-good-springy-loving-corally-colors-kind-of-mood-now.

Welcome to my new followers! Hope you enjoy my posts and if you like something, please leave a comment; it makes me happy gal. Now further ado, here are the pictures!

  • I am thinking of buying myself a tripod to be able to take my pictures outside now - any suggestions?
  • It was lovely to wake and get ready while the sun was peeking into my room - BLISS!
  • I love H &M. I want to try a maxi but just am not sure (I mean I dont know if I can wear it to office - it might be just too casual)?
  • It feels great to be healthy again, I kind of became too busy and then got sick. Big time. off and on. But now, I am great!
  • Spring has sprung in Edmonton, hopefully its not a false alarm.
  • I am attending the Edmonton Swap on the 30th April - Sat! I hope to meet many other Edmonton style bloggers there - and will come home with some great swaps..I am hoping!
  • NEXT TIPPY TUESDAY - is a financial tip - but will be posted on Wednesday so stay tuned for it.
Alright, beautiful ppl take it easy and keep smiling =]

Good Night (atleast for me).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Most Reached out for Products

 Hello my beautiful people, How are you doing? Happy weekend to everyone from Canada! =)

Today I am doing a tag talking about my 10 Most Reached out for Products.
Before I get started on anything, I will say my skin type is very oily in the T-Zone and dry on the cheeks (Combination skin). Now, that I got that covered, lets reveal some secrets! =]

1. Clean and Clear - Deep Action Cream Cleanser - I used this all winter and the fact that it is cream cleanser, it kept my skin from overdrying. I like the fresh smell of it and when using this with water, it creates this tingle to the face which kind of woke me up in the morning shower. It retails at $7 at wal-mart. It leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

2.. Aveeno poaitively Radiant Daily Mosturizer
I use this every morning as my regular mosturizer. I use this mosturizer because I like the consistency of this - its not very thick yet keeps the skin mosturized, dissolves into skin quickly and keeps my oily skin at bay, has SPF 15, $7 at wal-mart (Canadian price).

3. Clean and Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting  Mosturizer

I love this mosturizer so much that I have repurchased this 3 times already. I put this on after putting on Aveeno mosturizer. This mosturizer oil-free, has baby powder scent to it (slight), has SPF in it. I sort of use this as my primer.

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Concealer

I like the consistency of this concealer, gives me pretty good coverage for under eyes and other blemishes, Because it is mousse consistency, it is very light and is easy to blend. Retails for $6 at Wal-Mart

5. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Natural)

I am addidcted to this product. This was my first MAC purchase - I bought it after my had graduated school and started working and I am so glad I did bec I love it. The powder consistency is so light, not cakey, matches to my skin tone exactly, looks natural. And I dont touch up all day, doesnt make my skin oily. I bought this at local MAC store for $33. It is expensive but you only need a little bit at one time and little amount goes a long way - I am guessing mine would probably last me 7-8 months as I use it sparingly.

6. ELF Studio Line Blush - Candid Coral

I bought this coral blush for spring a month ago at Winners (local store here) for $3. I was skeptical on how good its quality will be - I mean its only $3. But I use this everyday - I love the subtle color it gives on my cheeks. The pigmentation is great, you get alot of product for $3 and the color stays on for about 6-7 hours!

7. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This is the second time I have bought this mascara. retails at $6.99 at a local Wal-mart or Shoppers. Mind you, I bought 2 at 50% off sale. I love the brush of it, even after few coats it doesnt lump up my lashes. It gets to the roots and gives good curl.

8. NYX Mega-Shine Lipgloss

I bought a pack of these at a local Winners store for $8 (4 lip glosses) and they are amazing. The consistency is light yet great pigmentation. When put on lips, it feels light and there is no scent to them. The bottles of the lipgloss are pretty decent in size and cost is $2 each. After 3 hours or so, you will need to re-apply them as it wont last all day.

9. Equate Facial Cleansing Towelletes

I have tried Neutrogena, say yes to cucumbers, Clean and Clear, Biore wipes, Baby wipes and nothing has worked for me except these equate ones I picked up. They are $7 for 200 towelettes in 2 packages. I use one every night to take off all the dirt on my face. They take off almost everything on my face. The formula is made for sensitive skin, it doesnt cause irritation of any sort. I hope they never stop making them because I dont know what I would use then.

10. OPI Nail Polish - Conga Line Coral

Last, but not least - is this OPI nail paint. OPI Nail paints are top notch in quality and I can say that because mine has lasted over 7 days with no chipping now. The consistency is not runny, but not overly thick either.  I am in love with the color too - it is perfect for spring.

There you have it. Do you use any of the above products? What do you use? Please feel to share your comments below! I would love to read them.

I am going to tag Dannii from Danniibeauty  Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode, Courtney from Sartorial Sidelines, Lydia from http://www.omglydia.com/, Janis from Dress me Dearly, Shana from Color me Blind

 I am recovering ok, hopefully will do some outfit posts soon! Stay tuned! Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER: Sartorial Sidelines

Hi folks, I am going to introduce my friend and a fellow bloggie named Courtney. Her blog is called Sartorial Sidelines (wow, right?) and she is actually from the city I am in right now. She is studying in grad school in US but misses home immensely. I got to know her on a total random chance - just randomly spotted her blog. and rest is history! Among some bloggers I know, she is so nice and so helpful. Her posts are so full of life and her style is chic and modern!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU COURTNEY!!!!!! HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE!!! Please visit her blog here to wish her and I thought I could feature her here as a BIRTHDAY gift. Enjoy! xo

Lets get to know her:

1.) When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in 2009 as a creative outlet from all my work as a history PhD student. I spent a lot of time reading other people's blogs and really loved the forum for discussing fashion with like-minded individuals that blogging offered and so I decided that I wanted to participate in that more actively and started my own!

2.) Where do you get a lot of your fashion inspiration from?
My fashion sensibilities are sort of rock chic I suppose (I totally just made that phrase up but it seems like a good way to describe my style). I'm drawn to harder, sort of punk looks but I also love more classically chic and feminine things (not to mentioned vintage looks from the 40s and 50s) and so I try to combine them. The people whose style I admire the most are mostly musicians (Courtney Love, Brody Dalle, Beth Ditto - to name a few) and so I draw a lot of inspiration from those sort of harder edge, tougher styles. My wardrobe features a lot of black and leopard print!

As a grad student I am constantly having meetings with faculty members, attending colloquiums, and serving as a teacher to undergrads and so that has a whole series of sartorial challenges attached to it in terms of professional style, etc. and my blog is largely about how to meet those challenges while still keeping my own style.

3.) What are your goals for 2011, bloggy or otherwise?
My biggest goal for 2011 is to finish writing my dissertation and get on the job market! Blogging helps keep me sane and focus my energies so I envision that Sartorial Sidelines will keep going strong as well because I love having blogging in my life.

4.) What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like for you?
My usual Sunday routine is cleaning my apartment and doing laundry, getting the past week's photos off my camera and formatted for the coming week of blogging, a few hours of reading your writing (the exciting life of a grad student), and then a Skype chat with my best friend back in Edmonton - who I miss like crazy and try to talk to every week.

5. What are your hobbies?
I took up tennis last year and can't get enough of it so as soon as the weather permits I'm at the courts. I'm also a big pilates fan and so you'll find me squeezing that into my day pretty regularly along with the occasional dose of yoga. I'm also a terrible tv and movie junkie and tend to spend a lot of my down time curled up on my couch with my cats and my helpmeet watching some god awful Real Housewives of something or other episode or a horror film.

I hope you enjoyed her pictures. Let me know your thoughts because this was my first guest blogger post!! Thanks Courtney. It was my pleasure hosting you on my bloggy.