Monday, June 25, 2012


Dress: Walmart ($15), Blazer: H&M ($30), Watch: Fossil (gift), Pumps: Steve Madden, skinny belt: borrowed from another dress

I bought this dress at wal-mart a year ago and I have worn it so many different ways. I probably would not have have ventured out to wear it so many ways, had I not being blogging. Just one of the great positive change I have noticed. Amen.

As a skirt with a neutral top, layered with a collared shirt, wearing the dress alone, wearing it with a colored cardigan.

Hope you find inspiration to get more use out of those dresses in your closet!

Friday, June 22, 2012

For the Love of Mint

Mint stripes top: $10 (Costa Blanca -old), Sandals: f21 ($8), Gey Jeans: Costa Blanca ($7), Cognac belt: Ardene's ($3), Eaarings: Vancouver flee market ($5)

I had this mint top in my closet and I didn't even know!!! Crazy, here I am searching in the mall for a perfect mint top and ofcourse I have hidden in my closet. (Hence, the value of shopping your closet!)

Hubby and I went out for our 2nd date as a married couple and had our fun!!! (gawd, I am so cheesy!)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Reminiscing the Old Times

Skirt: $15 (George via wal-mart), Pink sweater: thrifted ($3), sandals: payless (old - $5), Belt: borrowed from another skirt, Earrings: Gift, Watch: Fossil (gift), Bangels: $2 (F21)

I had last Friday off and so spent all day with my hubby on campus at our local university. He is working on finishing his masters and researches there all day. For those of you who are new and dont know us, me and my hubby met in school and had spent countless hours studying on campus library, spending all day with him there left me reminiscing the old times when we were dating!

P.S. Love this floral skirt I picked up at Wal-mart (isn't it amazing?!) My mind is bombarding with unlimited options to wear it and I cant wait to style it all summer!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coral Pants

White Tee: George via WalMart ($7), Pants: George via Walmart $9, Jean Cropped Jacket:Thrifted (Value Village - $5), Watch: Fossil (gift), Bangles: F21 ($3), Shoes: Borrowed from mom, Studs: F21 ($2)

Now that I see the prices of all the clothing I am wearing here is only $26! I feel so good buying trendy pieces at such thrify prices. Every cent saved is another cent saved. And thats how cents take us to a possible vacation with my hubby (once he finishes his masters thesis.)

I was very undecisive if I wanted more colored pants. I love this colored pants and wear them often, I thought coral pants were a little teen-age'ish. But I have to admit, if Kate can wear it, I sure can :P

Do you own any colored pants?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I wore for my Wedding reception.....

Me and my hubby Wedding Day photo!


We came back to Canada in March after getting married in india in feb 2012. And about 2 weekends ago, we had our reception party for Canadian friends and family. This is what we wore for our reception! I wore a yellow saree - with a "discoball" blouse bec it had studs all over it!

I chose to do my hair in a bun with a flower pinned. I liked the look of it, it looked good in a hairdo. I don't have any closeups yet (sorry).

Since I cant dance in saree, I changed into one of my punjabi suits pink-green with sequins.

 Us with Ryan side of the family

Last but not least, our wedding cake was so us. 7 years ago, when Ryan asked me out, he asked me out with a blue rose (since blue is my fav color) and so had to choose blue roses on the cake. we chose to do initials instead of cake toppers and peacock feathers bec the reception was decorated peacock themed.

Our night was very special and the wedding was a much celebratory event. I am greatful to have Ryan as my hubby and his parents as my in-laws.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! :) And these aren't the professional photos.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Black and Red Check

Shirt: F21 ($5), Skirt: RICKI's ($15), Belt:came with the skirt, Wedges: Payless ($25), studs:ardenes ($3), Watch: Fossil (gift), Henna on hand: from reception party

This is what I wore last week, kind of an unusual combo for me - Black, red and brown. thats one rule broken for sure - to not wear black and brown. I guess its not so bad hey!

This weekend, I went hauling (from Value Village, Wal-mart and some shops in the local mall here) - Still waiting on photos from the reception. Hope you enjoy the outfit! I will wear some of those pieces soooon!

See you with the next outfit :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peach Blazer (aaaaaaaaand I am back!)

Yes, I havent posted in a while.....and it feels like a long time. Our wedding reception went great! It was everything we had dreamed of, weather was beautiful, family and friends gathered to celebrate together.

This is what I wore on Monday - yesterday outfit to work. I recently bought this peach blazer at H&M and I just love this color for this summer. I already have 5 outfits planned with this outfit, so don't mind if I post too many outfit ideas with this blazer! :)

Blazer: H&M ($34.95), Tshirt - Urban Planet ($4), Pants: H&M ($20), Necklace: Walmart ($4), Studs: Joe Fresh ($5), Heels - Payless ($15 ~ old), Watch: Fossil (gift)

Oh yeah, waiting on reception photos for now, as soon as I have them in, I will show you guys what I wore!