Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Most Reached out for Products

 Hello my beautiful people, How are you doing? Happy weekend to everyone from Canada! =)

Today I am doing a tag talking about my 10 Most Reached out for Products.
Before I get started on anything, I will say my skin type is very oily in the T-Zone and dry on the cheeks (Combination skin). Now, that I got that covered, lets reveal some secrets! =]

1. Clean and Clear - Deep Action Cream Cleanser - I used this all winter and the fact that it is cream cleanser, it kept my skin from overdrying. I like the fresh smell of it and when using this with water, it creates this tingle to the face which kind of woke me up in the morning shower. It retails at $7 at wal-mart. It leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.

2.. Aveeno poaitively Radiant Daily Mosturizer
I use this every morning as my regular mosturizer. I use this mosturizer because I like the consistency of this - its not very thick yet keeps the skin mosturized, dissolves into skin quickly and keeps my oily skin at bay, has SPF 15, $7 at wal-mart (Canadian price).

3. Clean and Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting  Mosturizer

I love this mosturizer so much that I have repurchased this 3 times already. I put this on after putting on Aveeno mosturizer. This mosturizer oil-free, has baby powder scent to it (slight), has SPF in it. I sort of use this as my primer.

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Concealer

I like the consistency of this concealer, gives me pretty good coverage for under eyes and other blemishes, Because it is mousse consistency, it is very light and is easy to blend. Retails for $6 at Wal-Mart

5. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Natural)

I am addidcted to this product. This was my first MAC purchase - I bought it after my had graduated school and started working and I am so glad I did bec I love it. The powder consistency is so light, not cakey, matches to my skin tone exactly, looks natural. And I dont touch up all day, doesnt make my skin oily. I bought this at local MAC store for $33. It is expensive but you only need a little bit at one time and little amount goes a long way - I am guessing mine would probably last me 7-8 months as I use it sparingly.

6. ELF Studio Line Blush - Candid Coral

I bought this coral blush for spring a month ago at Winners (local store here) for $3. I was skeptical on how good its quality will be - I mean its only $3. But I use this everyday - I love the subtle color it gives on my cheeks. The pigmentation is great, you get alot of product for $3 and the color stays on for about 6-7 hours!

7. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This is the second time I have bought this mascara. retails at $6.99 at a local Wal-mart or Shoppers. Mind you, I bought 2 at 50% off sale. I love the brush of it, even after few coats it doesnt lump up my lashes. It gets to the roots and gives good curl.

8. NYX Mega-Shine Lipgloss

I bought a pack of these at a local Winners store for $8 (4 lip glosses) and they are amazing. The consistency is light yet great pigmentation. When put on lips, it feels light and there is no scent to them. The bottles of the lipgloss are pretty decent in size and cost is $2 each. After 3 hours or so, you will need to re-apply them as it wont last all day.

9. Equate Facial Cleansing Towelletes

I have tried Neutrogena, say yes to cucumbers, Clean and Clear, Biore wipes, Baby wipes and nothing has worked for me except these equate ones I picked up. They are $7 for 200 towelettes in 2 packages. I use one every night to take off all the dirt on my face. They take off almost everything on my face. The formula is made for sensitive skin, it doesnt cause irritation of any sort. I hope they never stop making them because I dont know what I would use then.

10. OPI Nail Polish - Conga Line Coral

Last, but not least - is this OPI nail paint. OPI Nail paints are top notch in quality and I can say that because mine has lasted over 7 days with no chipping now. The consistency is not runny, but not overly thick either.  I am in love with the color too - it is perfect for spring.

There you have it. Do you use any of the above products? What do you use? Please feel to share your comments below! I would love to read them.

I am going to tag Dannii from Danniibeauty  Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode, Courtney from Sartorial Sidelines, Lydia from, Janis from Dress me Dearly, Shana from Color me Blind

 I am recovering ok, hopefully will do some outfit posts soon! Stay tuned! Happy weekend everyone!



  1. omg...LOVE my aveeno moisturizer-it's amazing!! Another one that I've recently stocked up on (and so cheap too!) Is Cetaphil really gets the job done!

  2. omg...LOVE my aveeno moisturizer-it's amazing!! Another one that I've recently stocked up on (and so cheap too!) Is Cetaphil really gets the job done!