Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER: Sartorial Sidelines

Hi folks, I am going to introduce my friend and a fellow bloggie named Courtney. Her blog is called Sartorial Sidelines (wow, right?) and she is actually from the city I am in right now. She is studying in grad school in US but misses home immensely. I got to know her on a total random chance - just randomly spotted her blog. and rest is history! Among some bloggers I know, she is so nice and so helpful. Her posts are so full of life and her style is chic and modern!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU COURTNEY!!!!!! HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE!!! Please visit her blog here to wish her and I thought I could feature her here as a BIRTHDAY gift. Enjoy! xo

Lets get to know her:

1.) When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog in 2009 as a creative outlet from all my work as a history PhD student. I spent a lot of time reading other people's blogs and really loved the forum for discussing fashion with like-minded individuals that blogging offered and so I decided that I wanted to participate in that more actively and started my own!

2.) Where do you get a lot of your fashion inspiration from?
My fashion sensibilities are sort of rock chic I suppose (I totally just made that phrase up but it seems like a good way to describe my style). I'm drawn to harder, sort of punk looks but I also love more classically chic and feminine things (not to mentioned vintage looks from the 40s and 50s) and so I try to combine them. The people whose style I admire the most are mostly musicians (Courtney Love, Brody Dalle, Beth Ditto - to name a few) and so I draw a lot of inspiration from those sort of harder edge, tougher styles. My wardrobe features a lot of black and leopard print!

As a grad student I am constantly having meetings with faculty members, attending colloquiums, and serving as a teacher to undergrads and so that has a whole series of sartorial challenges attached to it in terms of professional style, etc. and my blog is largely about how to meet those challenges while still keeping my own style.

3.) What are your goals for 2011, bloggy or otherwise?
My biggest goal for 2011 is to finish writing my dissertation and get on the job market! Blogging helps keep me sane and focus my energies so I envision that Sartorial Sidelines will keep going strong as well because I love having blogging in my life.

4.) What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like for you?
My usual Sunday routine is cleaning my apartment and doing laundry, getting the past week's photos off my camera and formatted for the coming week of blogging, a few hours of reading your writing (the exciting life of a grad student), and then a Skype chat with my best friend back in Edmonton - who I miss like crazy and try to talk to every week.

5. What are your hobbies?
I took up tennis last year and can't get enough of it so as soon as the weather permits I'm at the courts. I'm also a big pilates fan and so you'll find me squeezing that into my day pretty regularly along with the occasional dose of yoga. I'm also a terrible tv and movie junkie and tend to spend a lot of my down time curled up on my couch with my cats and my helpmeet watching some god awful Real Housewives of something or other episode or a horror film.

I hope you enjoyed her pictures. Let me know your thoughts because this was my first guest blogger post!! Thanks Courtney. It was my pleasure hosting you on my bloggy.




  1. What great outfits! Thanks for sharing.


  2. What great outfits! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love how you tamed the wild print with simple hues and shapes.

  4. WHOA, gorgeous.. and GREAT style!!! nice to meet you!!! xoxo J

  5. Isnt she lovely? I love how she can wear anything and make it her own with her style. Courtney, thanks again =]

  6. She is definitely lovely! Thanks for featuring her Nav!

    Monique xx

  7. She is definitely lovely! Thanks for featuring her Nav!

    Monique xx

  8. Love how you tamed the wild print with simple hues and shapes.