Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Saturday was super lazy - Slept in and ate, rested again, watched Hangover 2 and ate again and slept - perfect Sat

On Sunday bright morning, this vehicle took us.....

to here.. Ryan helping dad with the luggage above - Dad was flying to For McMurray to work in Oilsands - I already miss him.

My lovely family

Mom and I - pretending to be in front of marigolds (mom's fav flowers) - dandlines make the perfect substitute :)

Ryan presenting a flower to Mom

                               Came home to do some yardwork, took ALL the dandilines out.

Polka Dots - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Red Belt - Thrifted
Cardigan - H&M

Now, I am off to watch THOR2  - 2 movies in one weekend but I dont mind =]

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Which movie have you seen recently?

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