Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spreading Some Blogger Love...

Happy tuesday everyone! We are taking a little break from Tippy Tuesdays and hosting Shana today. Shana and I decided to do a swap post today, a chance for our followers to get to know more awesome fashion bloggrs out there.. Shana is so sweet and funny :) I call her the Thrifting queen, this girl can rock casual, office fashion, and all glammed up looks with thrifted goodies. How freaking cool is that? She inspires me with her personal life stories and makes me feel better on my not-so-good days. Now, onto the interview to get to know her more :)

P.S. You can check my guest post over at here blog  - BLOG LINK

1.) When and why did you start your blog?My first blog post was September 26, 2008. I initially started it to update Husbands family on our lives in Vegas. I was able to post pics and tell a little about our days. Except, I realized it wasn’t really effective and I wasn’t motivated to do it. So the blog just sat around for about 2 years until November 2010 when I found myself surfing through blogs and getting so inspired I couldn’t break away from my computer. I began rummaging through my closet and getting so excited to wake up and put something new together… my first camera phone outfit post was submitted and ColorBlind was born.

2.) Where do you get a lot of your fashion inspiration from?My mom inspires me every day when it comes to fashion. She wasn’t scared to take risks and she never held back. I have a massive collection of magazines and I tear anything out that inspires me, colors, patterns, textures. I stuff them in a small envelope in my purse and pull them out when I am thrifting, this helps you focus on what really inspires you so that you don’t get overwhelmed!

Other bloggers inspire me, how I am feeling often determines my fashion inspiration. In a way, I inspire myself sometimes…though it seems like it is on accident…I will put things together and walk around the house doing my makeup and getting ready, often replacing belts, jewelry…I surprise myself sometimes… taking pictures everyday has really helped me see what looks good on me, and maybe what doesn’t. Blogging has actually helped me see myself in a new light, and that, my friends, is why I have finally decided to try things I never thought I could pull off..i.e. skinny jeans! All of my blogger friends comments help too…everyone really inspires. I have found myself wanting to experiment with what I thought was “my” style..I have finally learned that “my style” will continue to evolve and change…I have learned to really love my body thanks to the blogger world!

3.) What does a typical Sunday afternoon look like for you?Husband and I are usually at my dad’s for dinner and sometimes a movie. Before my mom passed, Sunday afternoon’s were reserved for family dinner, even after I got married! If we are not there, then we are going for a walk with our two labs Sophie and Sampson and getting ready for the week ahead oh and more than likely at the movies. Husband really likes movies and well the popcorn too.

4.) Do you find blogging challenging? How do you organize your time to find time to post outfit posts every day?Blogging is not so much challenging as it is time consuming. I mean..when I am inspired I have a tendency to ramble...haha and I can’t wait to look at the outfits I have put together and photographer extraordinaires mad skills on the camera. While my blog has really turned into a fashion blog, I wish I had more time to talk about my fitness journey and time as a dancer (ballet…in case you were wondering..I mean I was born in Las Vegas) and life in general. Organizing my time is exactly what it is. It is a priority because I made it one. I’m an Aquarius so as you know, I love projects and this is my creative outlet and MAJOR project of the moment. I can’t get enough and posting every single day is really important to me. I really do love every minute of it. My next priority is visiting other blogs that inspire me and responding to everyone who stops by.

I usually grab the laptop after I get home from the gym or after I have made dinner. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and we take turns…that’s right folks…he cooks 50% of the time…Posting outfits everyday is challenging but I work every day so getting dressed is naturally going to happen..haha  I find myself holding back since I do work in a business environment..but that is what keeps me challenged and I will take risks every once in a while…but usually it's on casual Friday! If it wasn’t for one of my best friends "photographer extraordinaire’s" skills I would not have any outfit posts. We take 15 minutes at the end of the day, find a fun location near the office and snap away. The less time you have the better. I may not be able to do this forever but I sure am enjoying it while it lasts!

5.) What are your goals for 2011, bloggy or otherwise?
I hate answering this question since I feel like my goals are all over the place, in no particular order… but here it goes….I want to be successful at work, that’s a given, I hope to continue to be inspired by other bloggers and hopefully inspire others. I would like to have a massive Thrifters Anonymous Meet up here in Vegas!

I would love to do some fashion consulting, helping friends and strangers take “A Second Look” at their style, their closet, and their choices, and show them how to be a little more thrifty.  I want to star in a short film where I am kicking butt and taking names…preferably produced by Husband. I hope to start a family (2012) haha By next year I would like to have completed all of the furniture projects in our home…I hope to be playing the viola again, dancing on a consistent basis, I TOLD you I had a lot, and this isn’t even half of them…I want to look as fit as I am…hard to explain..I mean I am pretty strong…but I have a ways to go to get my six pack back…yes..I said back..cuz I actually had one…now it’s more like a 4 pack…I WILL get there… These are just a few goals..I try to set new ones every week, when it comes to fashion I just want to keep an open mind and take risks when I can.

I hope you enjoying getting to know this fab lady! Now go visit her on her blog. Have a great day folks! Thanks for stopping by! =]

xoxo Nav

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