Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Nuggets

This weekend was full of surprises, friends meetups, going out, relaxed sundays, time spent with my family - just the kind of weekend I like.

  1. A best friend of mine Bhumi (friends for over 10 years - she was the first person I got introduced to in my high school in canada when my family moved) came home for a day and I sneeked in 2-3 hours with her and Sarah. You girls are so much fun! Bhumi is studying medicine in US and so she gets to come home only few times a year..everytime she does, we have a blast!... It was great to catch up with her in person. Awesome surprise! Thank you. When we all get together, we take pictures like CRAZY! and this time was no different. Bhumiès parents new house is so beautiful. You could take pictures in any corner and they would turn out GREAT!. We had mini photography session, quick lunch and chai (tea). I miss you 2 already.........
My weekend outfit

Necklace and Ring - both from Forever 21

A Hand made piece ethnic wear - love it!

 2. Got a chance to go watch a curling game where my Fiancee parents played on friday night. I had never been to one, got to learn the game and all in all it was a good outing and got to see the family again! =)

Ryan and Grandpa

We were the blue Team!
3. Went on a coffee date with Megan and her 2 friends. It was my first time meeting them. One of the girls had done something called a death race. She is very athletic! I have never been much athletic in my life. Well unless you count dance, badminton.

4. I enjoyed attending Purse Party at Kim place. They were selling about 40 designer bags at less designer prices, some jeans, wallets and sunglasses. It was alot of fun.

5. Its def spring in my town now (Fingers crossed, hopefully it doesnt drop in the coming week).

6. Last week, I changed office spaces and now I have a roomy office with a big window and in the afternoon, the sun peeks through - I love it!

7. So happy for our (my family) new house that is being built - we will have it ready by July. Below I will show you some pictures.

When they first started building it

This was taken few weeks ago!

It has a door, windows and a roof too! The progress gets me so excited!

8. Spent some time at home doing laundry today, doing blog posts, made lunch for the next two days and vacuumed the house - not bad eh?

9. I noticed there are more new followers on! Welcome Onboard! Hope you enjoy many more posts to come! Yay! It makes me happy.

Hope everybodyès weekend was relaxing one! Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment if you like - they keep me motivated to do more posts!


  1. You both look gorgeous! Your accessories are beautiful. Glad you are happy.

  2. cute post, sounds like you had a great weekend! Like the pics too :)

  3. Thank you Natalia. I loved your latest post too! You have to show us how to tie that scarf!

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  5. Thank you Natalia. I loved your latest post too! You have to show us how to tie that scarf!