Monday, December 5, 2011

Bright Mondays - Part 4!

Bag and Top: H&M, Boots: Steve Madden, Pants: GAP, Jewellery: F21, Coat: URBAN

The shopping ban for November is done. If you want to see how I did, be sure to checkout last month's outfit roundup and let me know how I did.

I wore the above outfit this weekend to get some xmas shopping done. I paired turquoise top with my tan blazer and paired it with some gold jewellery. We are keeping things low-key with xmas shopping this year as everyone is saving up for the wedding in India. Wow, just about 60-70 days till we go and get married in btwn family and friends. 

My bachelorette (SURPIRSE party I should mention) is coming up in 2 weeks too, cant wait to see what girls are cooking. I dont know anything, nada....sometimes you just gotta enjoy life through moments like this, where other loved ones take over and deliver. I am greatful to have such loving people in my life :)

Any ideas on what to wear to MY Bachelorette Party? Never been to one.

Hope you had an awesome weekend. Thank you for stopping by!



  1. You are looking so great - love the colours of your top and boots! :)

  2. Exciting for your bachelorette party coming up!! These brights are the perfect thing to lift the monday blues

  3. This is such a wonderful color on you and it looks great with the tan jacket and boots! As far as the bachlorette party, dress up to the nines! Lots of glitz, hair done, the whole nine yards. It's your day to shine :)

  4. Ooh, you should definitely wear something sparkly!

    I love that bright blue top. It's so pretty on you!

  5. I love the colour of your top :) I'd wear a pretty dress and heels to your Bachelorette party :) x

  6. thanks for the nice comment! youve got a new follower! you should wear shorts, a sequin top, a blazer, and heels for your party! hope you have the time of your life!!
    x jamie

  7. Congrats on the upcoming Bachelorette party!! You could wear a dress and heels {my go-to fun outfit}!!


  8. Blue is such a great color on you!

  9. Love these boots! Also you are looking super radiant in recent photos, like you are glowing! Excited about the wedding I bet!