Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bridal Show Coverage - PT.2

This post is picture-intensive. After all, I am showing you why I went gaga (so tempting to buy expensive services) at the bridal show last weekend. I took so many pictures that I had to divide this post up. I have decided to do a peacock themed wedding. I mean look at the photo below - I am just in love with all the colors. Anyways, I will let the photos do the talking now......Enjoy!

How simple and elegant is this food menu?

 teal and black looked great together - unexpected combo!

I am in love with this colorful bouquet!

Love the back design of this dress

Loved this one on the ramp

we can set this up where we will be exchaging our vows - just switch pink with teal/blue
 and we are good to go!

A pretty headpiece

head table decor - Switch marron with teal/blue

Loved the way it was sinched to the side and had ruffles-WOW! - it looked so good on her!

Lace is so romantic and lightweight - how beautiful eh?

Style #2 I liked - One-Shoulder dress

Peacock inspired bridesmaid dress! so different and unique than everything we saw on the ramp!

Hope you enjoyed the coverage! I have few trunk shows (for bridal dresses) to attend in the next little while. I will OFCOURSE do coverage for them too and you guys can help me make my mind. My readers really are the best! =) Thank you to each ONE of you!!

Mr. Fiancee's mom enrolled him and I for a 1.5 day for marriage preperation classes from the church. How thoughtful of her?! I am SO looking forward to what they will teach us or we get to learn more things about each other. We have known each other for 7 years now, but I am sure this session will help us to be a better couple in future.

Have you attended any bridal shows? What did you like the best in coverage? Any thoughts!?


  1. I love peacock feathers! They are so beautiful and seem so glamorous. I have seen some really fantastic head pieces and flower bouquets/centerpieces that incorporate peacock feathers. I'm sure that you'll have an amazing wedding!
    Love those dresses that you shared too. So much fun!
    I think I attended one or two bridal shows. I found them really overwhelming. But I loved getting free magazines and food samples!

  2. I've never been to a bridal show but I'm crossing my fingers I will soon have a reason to go ; ) This looks like a lot of fun!